Ingenieur Bauplan Solaranlagen Energie

The changing energy market requires a more professional and efficient positioning at all value creation levels in order to maximize market potential. Among other factors, the focus is on implementation of the energy transition, increasing financing pressure (resources, ROI, etc.), demographic changes, the transformation of Industry (4.0), guaranteeing the fiscal feasibility and profitability of energy generation, sourcing and services.

Energy storage systems are keys to the implementation of the energy transition. They bridge the time difference between generation and usage, stabilize the grid, and can supply energy in case of public grid outage.

RRC offers the development of energy storage concepts as well as their realization to producers and vendors of products and services in the areas of Residential Home and Commercial Applications. And we know the issues and the corresponding solutions of the various grids.


Together with Ammar Alkassar, authorized representative for innovation and strategy of the Saarland, the financial state secretary Prof. Dr. Ulli Meyer visited RRC power solutions in Homburg.

The leading electronics magazine DESIGN & ELEKTRONIK nominated RRC


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