Militär Soldaten Sonnenuntergang

RRC customers have special requirements for military solutions: they must be highly resilient in any situation, waterproof, shock and dust proof, must resist high temperatures and function reliably even under the most extraordinary conditions.

One of our main competences at RRC is providing solutions for all military-specific requirements. Our own simple, yet comprehensive demand on our development is that our products function inconspicuously over the period of their entire lifecycle. When they do that, our demands have been met.

  • Years of experience in “ruggedized” products for military use with the capability to integrate solutions into the end product.
  • Supplier for leading manufacturers of tactical military equipment.
  • Comprehensive know-how in MIL-standards.
  • Reliable operation even in the toughest situation.
  • Certified and established quality management system according to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001. Work according to FDA QS-Reg 820.


By now, a majority of the smart, multi-cell Lithium-Ion battery packs are equipped with 18650 cells.

In the past, and for our general products, we based our battery charger designs on the IEC/EN60950 for IT equipment and provided the compliance via a CB report.


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