Battery Packs

  • Cutting edge lithium-based technologies (i.e. LiFePO4, Li-ion, LiPo)
  • Battery designs using either cylindrical or prismatic cells
  • State of the art battery management with the latest electronic solutions (JEITA Standards, SMBus)
  • Battery packs and charge technology from a single source

Standard Smart Battery Packs

  • Standard Li-ion battery packs for demanding applications
  • High performance at minimum cost
  • No development expense, tooling or agency approval costs needed for standardized battery packs and the corresponding charging technology

Custom Battery Packs

  • Ability to develop customer specific requirements
  • Battery pack assembly based on various lithium technologies
  • The integration of charging and electronics into the battery pack


In industrial application of energy storage systems major drivers are not pure power, availability and durability.

The US Department of Energy (DoE) has adopted a rule requiring minimum efficiency levels for battery chargers.


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