Our understanding of values

We at RRC are thoroughly aware of our commitment to social responsibility in relation to our global business operations. This is particularly compelling with regards to our working conditions, social and environmental compatibility as well as transparency, trustful cooperation and clear dialogue.

Ingenuity: We rely on strong and long partnerships - with our employees, our customers as well as with our suppliers. Instead of creativity, it is our matured innovation processes that are the keys to our successful development of technological products. Our expertise, built over many years of experience developing products for different industries, consistently enable us to overcome the challenges that we are daily faced with.

Passion: Acting out of pure enthusiasm. Our highest self-claim is to be able provide to our customers solutions, even before the problems arise. To achieve it, we thoroughly strive to understand both our customers and the market, to allow us to be prepared to face and adapt to any possible change. As a brand, we want to become even more successful not by only meeting expectations, but by exceeding them. By doing so, we want to establish our quality standards well above the normative industry requirements.

Agility: We are foresighted, reacting with flexibility to the rapid changes of today’s market. This means that for us new challenges are seen as opportunities instead of obstacles.

Reliability: We guarantee high standards and provide long product availability. Human lives are often dependent on the operation of our customers’ products. For us it means that ensuring reliability to our products is the basis of all our decisions.

Code of Conduct (CoC)

Our CoC rests on a common fundamental understanding of socially responsible corporate management. As an honored German battery manufacturer, this implies that we recognize our responsibility in regards to our arrangements on economic and technological matters.  As well as on social and ecological commitments, which ensure a proper balance of interests.

At RRC, we aspire to actively contribute to the prosperity and sustainable socio-economic development of regions of the globe where we are fortunate to operate. We are guided by universal ethical values and principles, particularly focused on the integrity and uprightness respect for human dignity and rights.

We reject corruption and bribery in accordance with the relevant UN convention. We endorse suitable transparency, integrity, discipline and responsible leadership within our organization.

We consistently pursue clear and acknowledged business practices which promote fair competition, and we align ourselves with professional behavior and quality of work. We uphold the supervisory authorities robust partnership and a trusting relationship.

To the extent of our customers’ interests, we adhere to consumer protection regulations and appropriate sales, marketing and information practices. Particularly vulnerable groups (such as child protection) are treated with special attention.

Conflict minerals

We have set ourselves the task of dispensing with conflict minerals in all components used, in production and thus in all our products. We comply with the Dodd-Frank-Act regarding the use of tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold. We use the latest version of the Responsible Minerals Initiative's Conflict Minerals Reporting Template (CMRT) to confirm compliance for all of our products. The CMRT is available as an Excel file in the DOWNLOADS area.

Corporate Giving

Through our products, we continually face the responsibility to provide reliable devices that ensure human lives. We want to live up to our social responsibility as a company and this is why we support a charitable event every year based on suggestions from our colleagues.

Donation campaign with the DKMS

In 2017, we decided to support the organization DKMS (German bone marrow donor file) as part of a bone marrow donation campaign. By graciously donating a small portion of their bone marrow, a good colleague had the unique opportunity to provide a little child the chance to live a healthy life.

With such a great example of goodwill, we have decided to carry out a registration campaign to all our colleagues within our company, which allowed us to add some more donors for the DKMS.

"It's so good, to exercise the good!" says CEO Gerhard Ruffing on the DKMS donation campaign.