Battery Life Management – new safety feature from RRC

RRC's standard battery packs are known for offering numerous advantages: best performance, highest quality and worldwide approvals. With the introduction of the next battery generation the list of RRC features has grown to include „Battery Life Management“.   

Similar to a car tire that loses its tread after many kilometers which results in a decrease in performance, the safety of Li-ion batteries may decrease with use. With proper care, the service life of a battery pack is at least 3 years or 500 charge/discharge cycles. Therefore, a battery should be replaced when one of these two thresholds is reached. To further enhance safety, RRC developers have designed a „Battery Life Management“ protection mechanism.

„Battery Life Management“ is based on the SOH (State of Health) of the battery. The SOH is the ratio of the original energy capacity compared to the current energy capacity, which decreases with age. If a battery has been in use for some time, it can no longer be charged to 100%. If the SOH value falls below 70% during use, the „Battery Life Management“ protection activates and reduces the required charging voltage of the battery which ensures greater battery safety. A smart charger automatically adjusts to this reduced voltage.

The new safety feature will be implemented in the following battery packs first: RRC2040-2, RRC2054 and RRC2057 and will be integrated into all other RRC standard battery packs shortly thereafter.