RRC - a big brand relaunch

RRC’s focus, since it’s founding in 1989, is constantly changing and reinventing itself.

In recent years, we have expanded the existing business to become the leading provider in power supply solutions.  We have developed from a supplier of custom components to a branded company with standard products.

This transformational process, the most significant in RRC history, has now been completed, and in the process, RRC has acquired a new identity. This identity is now being brought to the outside world with a comprehensive brand relaunch.

The revised branding has given rise to a new corporate identity, from the logo to a new vision and mission.  Through our new look, in conjunction with our high quality standard products and the associated benefits, you can see a first look at the upcoming fairs/tradeshows.

Find out what added value our new RRC brand represents to you and how we can increase your product quality and success.  For our new motto, "SETTING STANDARDS IN POWER SOLUTIONS", means a lot more than just setting the standard in design.