RRC voted as innovator of the year

Behind every successful product is at least one technical innovation. Great products are a combination of design, manufacturing and IP.

By selecting the "Innovator of the Year 2018", the editors of the DESIGN & ELEKTRONIK have honored the stars behind the products for the top technologies they have developed. Over 1,600 readers voted in 10 categories. RRC power solutions was elected as Innovator of the Year in the Medical Technology category. RRC power solutions was awarded by developing the world's first standard multicellular battery packs with prismatic Li-Ion cells. Actually this FLATPAQ product line consists of the battery packs RRC2130 and RRC2140. The new FLATPAQ product line with just 8mm in thickness is extremely thin. It is designed to fit into very slim devices, such as in the back of a display or a PC board, to allow developers to make a tablet-like design possible for medical or industrial applications.

As part of a gala event on 25th October 2018 in the Seehaus München, located in the heart of the famous English Garden, the winners were honored and received their deserved trophies.