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12.00W Batterieladegerät für RRC2037

  • Batterieladegerät mit einem Schacht
  • Geeignet für Standard-Batteriepack RRC2037
  • Optimierter Ladeprozess ermöglicht längeren Lebenszyklus für RRC Batterie
  • Einfache Bedienbarkeit - Plug and Play
  • Externes Steckernetzteil für weltweiten Einsatz

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Produktdatenblatt RRC-SBC2037

Specification RRC-SBC2037

Voltage11.00 - 14.00VDC
Current1.00A max.
ProtectionOver / under voltage, over current



2.00A max.

Voltage tolerance±1% max.
Current tolerance

±5% max. @1.00A


Short circuit, over voltage, over current, charger timer


0°C to 40°C

-20°C to 80°C
Pressure & Altitude

1060hPa to 795hPa

-382m to 2000m

1060hPa to 533hPA

-382m to 5000m

Humidity10% to 90% r.H., non-condensing5% to 95% r.H., non-condensing
IndicatorLEDs on the RRC2037 battery are used for indication
Battery typesStandard battery RRC2037
Green procurement

REACH 1907/2006

RoHS 2011/65/EU, 2015/863/EU

WEEE 2012/19/EU

Chinese RoHS

Coolingconvection cooled
Min. 1 LED is blinking< 1min.: The inserted battery is of the correct type and is currently being charged.
All 4 LEDs are on and switch off after 2min.The battery is charged and can be removed for use.
No LED is blinking after > 1min.

Inserted battery is defect

Battery over/under temperature error

Charger over temperature error

Battery over voltage error

Battery charge time-out error

Input voltage out of range

Charger defect

Housing dimensions (LxWxH)55.88 x 39.88 x 31.00mm
Weight34g (excluding power supply)


In combination with included external AC/DC power supply

Regulatory approvalsEuropeEN62368-1 (CE)
 InternationalIEC62368-1 (CB)
Electromagnetic EmissionsEuropeEN55035, EN55032, class B
 USAFCC15 class B
 CanadaICES-003, class B
Electromagnetic ImmunityElectrostatic dischargeEN/IEC61000-4-2
 RF electromagnetic fieldsEN/IEC61000-4-3
 EFT / BurstEN/IEC61000-4-4
 Conducted RF disturbanceEN/IEC61000-4-6
 Electromagnetic FieldsEN/IEC61000-4-8
 Voltage Dips and InterruptsEN/IEC61000-4-11


Specification external AC/DC power supply

Voltage100.00 - 240.00VAC ±10%, 50-60Hz
Current0.30A max.
Stand by powerNo load < 0.10W


Voltage12.00VDC ±5%
Power12.00W cont.
Current1.00A max.
ProtecttionOver current, short circuit
EfficiencyCalifornia's Energy Efficiency Level VI
Line / Load regulation±1% / ±5%
Ripple & Noise200.00mV (p-p)


Standard output connectorDC barrel jack, 4.70 x 1.75mm
Housing dimensions (LxWxH)59.00 x 40.90 x 48.50mm for US/CA/JP
 59.00 x 40.90 x 63.80mm for EU
 59.00 x 40.90 x 55.80mm for UK
 59.00 x 40.90 x 63.80mm for KR
 59.00 x 40.90 x 52.20mm for AU
 59.00 x 40.90 x 48.50mm for CN
Weight82g max.
Cable length1.00m


 USA & CanadacULus
 Australia & New ZealandRCM / SAA
 United KingdomUKCA


Das Standard Batterieladegerät RRC-SBC2037 ist weltweit zugelassen

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