How to use the PMM240

The PMM240 charges a RRC20xx battery and powers the user application simultaneously. And it is more than a charger.

The PMM240 is a high-efficiency level 3 smart battery charger. It considers the battery's temperature- and lifetime-adjusted parameters for charging current and voltage and automatically adjusts those as per the JEITA standard.

The PMM240 limits the input power to a configurable level to avoid AC adapter overloading. As the system power use increases during battery charging, the charging current gets reduced to maintain the total input current below the adapter rating.

When you unplug the AC adapter, the PMM240 continues to supply your application via the battery.

Your application can communicate with the PMM240 and the battery via SMBus. Also, two 3.3 V compatible GPIO pins indicate battery, AC adapter, and error status.

Upon first use, please follow the instructions in the PMM240 Application Note.

Design Ressources

PMM240 Settings Calculator

This tool helps you to configure the PMM240, as described in the application note.