Der medizinische 70 Watt Auto-Adapter CAR70M mit Car/Truck Eingangsstecker.


70 Watt medizinischer Auto-Adapter

  • Weiter Eingangsspannungsbereich 10-32V
  • Max. Ausgangsleistung 70 Watt
  • Galvanische Isolation für maximale Patientensicherheit
  • Car/Truck Eingangsstecker
  • Wandhalterung optional

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Voltage range10.00 - 32.00VDC
Standby currentTypical 37mA @ 10.00V input
Typical 29mA @ 32.00V input
Input fuse10.00A
ProtectionReverse polarity (input fuse),
Under voltage protection (Transient suppression circuit)
Voltage range16.00 - 19.00V nominal

66.00W cont.
70.00W max.

Initial set tolerance

±3% max.

Load regulation

-4% max.

Line regulation

±1% max.

Ripple & noise

< 0.12V pk-pk

Current limitConstant current

Short circuit
Over temperature protection
Over voltage protection


CoolingConvection cooled

Operating: -20°C to 40°C (40°C to 50°C, derating 35%)
Non-operating: -40°C to 75°C

Pressure & altitude

Operating: 1200hPa to 570hPa (max. 4600m above sea level)
Non-operating: 1200hPa to 115hPa (max. 15000m above sea level)

Humidity5 to 95% r.H., non condensing
Galvanic isolationIsolation voltage 2kV
Input connector

Cigarette lighter adapter

Output connector



typical 88% at 100% load


> 100000h @ 25°C ambient temperature and Gper MIL-HDBK217F Humidity

Green procurementRoHS 2011/65/EU + 2015/863/EU
REACH 1907/2006
WEEE 2012/19/EU
IndicatorSingle green LED
Ingress protection rating

IEC60529, IP42

Regulatory approvalsEuropeCE
 United KingdomUKCA

CB Report IEC 60601-1 2nd edition
CB Report IEC 60601-1 3rd edition

 USA & CanadaUL60601-1
Electromagnetic emissionsEurope

EN 55011/55022 class B

 USA & CanadaFCC15 class B
 Medical electrical equipment


Electromagnetic immunityESD immunity

IEC61000-4-2, 8kV contact/15kV air

 Electromagnetic field immunity

IEC61000-4-3, 80-2700MHz, 30V/m, modulation 80%/200Hz

 Electrical fast transient/burst immunity test

IEC61000-4-4, +/-2kV, 5/50ns

 Surge immunity test

IEC61000-4-5, +/-0.5kVsym, 1.2/50(8/20)μs

 Conducted Immunity

IEC61000-4-6, 0.15-80MHz, 10V, 80%, 1KHz, AM, with CDN


ISO7637-2, pulse 1 till 5, immunity test level III

 Medical electrical equipment


 UNECE vehicle regulationE13 ECE Reg. 10

- Other approvals on request

Housing dimensions (LxWxH)

160 x 59 x 34mm, without cables, connectors and wall-mount kit

Input cable length

240cm ±5%

Output cable length

100cm ±5%


approx. 350g, without cables, connectors and wall-mount kit

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