Customized batteries

We offer you the right customized battery pack

In each customer project, we first try to utilize our standard battery packs. As these units have many advantages for our customers, which help improve device development time and provide financial savings. However, some projects have reasons not to use a standardized battery pack. Maybe the battery should be part of the device housing, or it needs to be packed in shrink tubing instead of plastic housing. Sometimes, the tight spatial conditions also require connecting the battery with wires. No matter the reasons, we are happy to offer you the right customized battery pack for your application.

Experience matters in battery development

With the large number of our own standard battery packs and the realization that customers have different configurations (1s to 256s), we have exceptional experience and expertise to include in developing customer-specific batteries.

Customers look toward RRC once they realize no other manufacturer can meet their requirements. The combination of high-performance cells, a battery management system (BMS) with redundant safety features and a communication interface as well as individual housing and connector design will also convince you.

An interdisciplinary team of experts will, within pre-defined requirements and goals, take care of the production process from the initial development consultation through design implementation, mass production, approval process, market launch, and through product maturity. We have expertise in complex fields of application, such as medical and robotics, which provides us with the know-how and demanding requirements that these markets need. This process indicates that we are the partner that you are looking for, who can develop customized battery packs for your devices.

  • Well-established know-how gained through the realization of an outstanding portfolio of standard battery packs
  • Supervision by an interdisciplinary team of experts
  • Worldwide certifications/approvals of our customized battery solutions

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Contact an expert!