Power Solutions for Drones

Our standard Lithium Ion battery packs and chargers for the drone market have to meet very specific requirements. They must be able to operate under extreme conditions while being robust and reliable, all the time. The use of professional drones are generally in the transport, monitoring and surveying areas.

Optimization on flight time and payload

Depending on requirements, we develop battery systems that are optimized to maximize the corresponding flight and run time or the payload capabilities. In addition, for other applications, the shortest possible charging time could be the focus. Furthermore, there is also requirement to manage the battery system and to distribute the weight in different locations of the drone. This will require a very complex battery management (BMS) system to unify the individual parts into a functional model.

Due to numerous projects developed for the drone market, we have built an in-depth know-how regarding the special requirements of these products. We take advantage of 30 years of experience in demanding markets with high quality electrical need, which include the medical and the military equipment markets. These applications have prepared us to meet the considerable challenges of the drone industry.

In many cases, drones carry highly technical equipment with a wide variety of tasks. These can be camera systems that use different wavelengths to analyze soil conditions or monitor buildings, bridges and power lines. Very common are so-called LIDAR systems, which are used to capture topographies. The batteries intended for flight should not power this equipment. They are supplied with their own batteries. Hence, the standard battery packs in our portfolio are a perfect solution.

To enter a market, many countries require a variety of certificates and approvals. This is a requirement to allow you to commercialize your product in these markets. Our products are delivered with a comprehensive list of certificates and approvals to access the worldwide markets.

  • Well-established expertise developed together with the market leaders in the professional drone market
  • Batteries specially optimized for fast charging or delivering particularly high power loads
  • Certified and established quality management system according to ISO13485 and ISO9001
  • Working according to FDA QS-Reg.820
  • Worldwide product certificates and approvals

Transportation drones
Inspection drones

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