Customized Solutions

In each customer project, we try to utilize the use of standard products as much as possible. As standards have many advantages for our customers during device development, such as cost and time savings. However, there are nevertheless reasons against the use of standard products for requirements such as chargers, power management modules, power supplies, car adapters, or battery connectors.  In this case, we are happy to offer you customized solutions.

Experience matters

We have exceptional experience and expertise in the area of customized solutions, as the origin of our company was focused in the development of such custom products.

Customers look toward RRC once they realize no other manufacturer is able to meet their requirements.  Custom solutions typically have the challenge of requiring several key components, which must be carefully linked together.

These can include AC/DC and DC/DC technology or even wireless power products. Examples are: individual power management modules, external battery chargers for customer-specific battery packs, embeddable AC/DC and DC/DC converters and external power supplies and car adapters. We are happy to develop an individual power solution system that meets the requirements of your application.

An interdisciplinary team of experts will, within pre-defined requirements and goals, take care of the product process from the initial development consultation, through design implementation, mass production, approval process, market launch and through product maturity.  We have expertise in complex fields of application such as medical and robotics. This provides us with the know-how and demanding requirements that these markets need. This process indicates that we are the partner that you are looking for, who is able to develop customized solutions for your devices.

  • Well established know-how developed together with the market leaders for high-quality electrical applications
  • Supervision by an interdisciplinary team of experts
  • Worldwide certifications / approvals of our customized solutions

Contact an expert!

Contact an expert!