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As a leading manufacturer of mobile energy supply solutions for demanding industries, RRC power solutions is setting new standards on the market. Our product portfolio ranges from standard and customized battery packs to chargers, car adapters, and other suitable accessories.

Our products fulfill the highest quality and safety standards and have all the necessary global approvals. For our customers, this means a short time-to-market and considerable savings in development costs.

Our innovative solutions are used as energy sources for portable and mobile applications in markets with the highest requirements, such as medical and defense technology, instrumentation, robotics, and powering drones.

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Standard Battery Packs

Standard Battery Packs

Ready-to-use battery packs & rechargeable batteries for a wide range of applications with worldwide approvals.

Battery chargers

Battery Chargers

Suitable battery chargers for standard battery packs from RRC and other manufacturers in various configurations.

Power supplies AC/DC

Power Supplies AC/DC

AC/DC power supply units for powering mobile applications with configurable input and output plugs.


Power Management Modules

Integrable solutions for charging our standard battery packs in mobile or stationary customer applications.

Car Adapters DC/DC

Car Adapters DC/DC

Car & on-board power adapters for the mobile power supply of devices in land, sea, or air vehicles.

Battery connectors

Battery Connectors

Suitable battery connector systems and mating connectors for the maximum discharge capacity of RRC battery systems.

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