• Zweifach Batterieladegerät RRC-SMB-DBC mit zwei Ladeschächten für Standard-Batteriepacks der Bauform RRC20xx oder baugleiche SMBus-kompatible Batterien.

    10. July 2019

    Take two!

    From now on, RRC is offering an updated dual bay charger for all RRC standard batteries in form factor RRC20xx or SMBus compliant smart batteries with...

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  • 30. October 2018

    RRC voted as innovator of the year

    Behind every successful product is at least one technical innovation. Great products are a combination of design, manufacturing and IP.

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  • 29. October 2018

    RRC - a big brand relaunch

    RRC’s focus, since it’s founding in 1989, is constantly changing and reinventing itself.

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  • 26. October 2018

    RRC wins Award from Sager Power Systems

    In September, RRC received a sales milestone award from their biggest distribution partner in the USA, Sager Power Systems.

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