FlatPAQ RRC2130

The world's first multi-cell standard batteries using prismatic Lithium-Ion cells.

Today, a majority of the smart, multi-cell Lithium-Ion battery packs utilize 18650 cells.

Battery packs using prismatic cells are very common in consumer products (smart phones, etc.), generally using a single cell with a safety circuit and they typically do not have an intelligent battery management system.

Following the success of the RRC2140, RRC is adding another standard battery to its FLATPAQ family with prismatic cells in 2s1p configuration, including a redundant safety circuit and smart battery management system, as is standard for all our other battery packs. The new RRC2130 battery with just 8mm in thickness is extremely thin. It is designed to fit into very slim devices, such as the back of a PC display or on a PC board, to allow developers to make a tablet-like design possible for medical or industrial applications.

The new RRC2130 has an optimized capacity of 3880mAh at a nominal voltage of 7.6V. The overall energy density is 29.5Wh for extended power and runtime. The RRC2130 complies to the SMBus communication standard version 1.1 as well as the JEITA standard, which uses optimized charging profiles based on temperatures.

As typical for all RRC batteries, the RRC2130 will comply with all worldwide approval standards for Lithium-Ion batteries and is therefore fully usable and transportable for our international customers.

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