Analyzer for SMBus

  • Simple and easy read out of SMBus batteries
  • Diplays information direct from battery controlled by only two buttons
  • No external PSU required
  • Compatible with all SMBus batteries with 5 way
  • blade connector
  • All information displayed could be sent via standard
  • RS232 interface to a connected host
  • Screen: 16*2 digits

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Downloads SMBus-Reader


Following SMBus Quick Info will be shown on the screen

Displayed informationValue
Common software info

Start Screen

Software version 
Send data info 
Time alarmmin.
Capacity alarmmAh
Time to fullmin
Time to emptymin
Charging CurrentmA
Charging voltagemV
Max. err%
Cycle count 
Mode registerHex
State registerHex
Design voltagemV
Design capacitymAh
Absolute state of charge


Full capacitymAh
Remaining capacitymAh
Relatuve state of chargemAh
NTC measuredOhm
TemperatureK and C
Current (SMBus)mA
Voltage measuredmV
Voltage (SMBus)mV
Manufacture dateYYYY/MM/DD
Serial number 
Specification ID 
Battery name 
Mechanical Details
Dimensions (LxWxH)94.00mm x 58.00mm x 25.00mm