Our claim to quality

The quality of our products is our promise and our top priority. For us, ensuring quality starts from the beginning of the design process, where the route for extraordinarily robust and reliability is initiated.

With quality commitments in mind, all our locations and processes are certified to ISO9001 and ISO13485 and we operate according to FDA QS-Reg.820. We apply the same standards for quality assurance to all our production facilities and across the different products that we manufacture.

Our ISO certificates are available in the downloads section.

Highest demands on suppliers

We also require our suppliers of components to ensure they follow the same quality standards that we utilize. These requirements are regularly monitored to ensure total compliance with our standards. Of course, we commit our suppliers to the exclusive supply of RoHS and REACH compliant products.

Tracing down to the details

We guarantee "tracking and traceability" down to each component that is part of our battery packs and chargers. The consistent incoming goods inspections, the multi-level and production-accompanying quality controls as well as the 100% outgoing goods inspection with our own test equipment, ensure this high standard.

Lifelong quality claim

Due to the extremely long lifetime of our products, we ensure through a suitable Product-Lifecycle-Management process (PLM), that the quality of our products is consistently high over the years. Necessary changes to our products are handled through a change process and communicated to our customers with subsequent Product Change Notification (PCN) prior to an implementation date.

Compliance with legal requirements

Our batteries and chargers contain all the necessary regulatory approvals for worldwide marketing ex works. Through close monitoring of normative changes and cooperation with regulatory authorities worldwide, we regularly adapt our processes and our products to new requirements.

Your advantages of cooperating with RRC at a glance:

  • Rigid processes from the development of systems through manufacturing to the end  market, according to ISO9001, ISO13485, FDA QS-Reg.820
  • IT based and system supported quality assurance
  • Strong PLM process with change & risk management
  • High audit frequency up to Tier 2 level
  • Exclusive use of RoHS and REACH compliant components